Ellie Goulding Admits Struggles To Uplode Singing Videos Due To Insecurities About Her Voice

This is sad.

Ellie Golding put on that stunning performance on Saturday when she sang for Global Citizen One World: Together at Home live concert.

But now the singer has admitted that she has some insecurities about her voice and it has actually stopped her from uploading self singing videos online.

Ellie who’s had a string of no.1 hit songs over the years admitted she thought she had a ‘big nose’ and ‘weird’ hair.

Talking to The Mirror, she said:

‘I have a really unusual voice so you either love it or hate it. I think I need to get to a point where I’m comfortable posting videos singing – but I overthink it.

‘I thought I had a big nose and my hair was really weird or that I didn’t have a great figure.

That’s so sad.

She continued to say:

‘That’s why talking and being frank and open about it is really important because every single one of us – even my husband – has our own insecurities.’

Ellie admitted that her husband Caspar Jopling has been keeping her grounded.

She should think like that!

She’s a stunning girl with an amazing voice so she should never doubt herself.

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