Coronation Street’s Shelley King Talks About How Yasmeen’s Domestic Abuse Storyline Is Affecting Her

She’s currently going thought a series domestic abuse story line at the moment on Coronation Street and now actress Shelley King has talked about how it’s affecting her at home.

Shelley who plays Yasmeen in the long running soap is currently suffering at the hands of her twisted husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) for months now, with Geoff constantly undermining and bullying his wife and even tricking her into eating her pet chicken.

New week it seems things are going to get worse for Yasmeen as she discovers she has a STI and even though Jeff has been sleeping with escorts, he blames Yasmeen and starts to withhold food from her.

Talking to Ok Magazine Shelley has been talking about how it has been causing her trouble at home acting out such horrific storyline.

She said:

“There are only so many tears you can cry as you actually start getting headaches. Sometimes nothing comes out,” she said.

“Usually when Barty and I get through something that is particularly heavy, we revert to the humour of a 14-year-old boy and there are a lot of lavatory jokes! But during some scenes there was just silence in the studio because some of the things are just too difficult to hop in and out of.”

She then continued to say that she and Ian are close friends, calling him “such a good man”, and revealed that they have been contacting one and other during the lockdown

She continued to say:

“If Barty and I didn’t get on well and didn’t trust each other, I don’t think we could explore this whole process. We have been calling each other and we miss each other during lockdown,”

“Being at home has made me think about the storyline so much more.

“I’ve had a lot of dreams about abandonment. The people in them have changed so it’s Barty, then a friend or a past relationship and then they turn into Trilby (James, her director partner), even though it’s nothing to do with her.”

It must be so hard for her and to know that people actually go thought this in their day to day life and not just in soaps.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse please call Women’s Aid HERE.

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