Dawn French RETURNS As The Vicar of Dibley After Five Years For BBC’S Big Night In

It as one of the biggies sitcoms ever and tonight it was back on our TV screens.

Dawn French returned as Geraldine Granger in the Vicar Of Dibley during a sketch on BBC’S Big Night In on Thursday night.

The star was dressed in her vicar outfit with her classic long black bob as she was getting to grips with Zoom and her exercise regime.

At one part of the sketch she held two easter eggs up to her chest saying that she wanted to wear them as a bra.

Dawn said:

Just a little tip for all the mums and dads who are struggling in isolation – these halves make an excellent chocolate bra!’

Dawn’s sketch continued as she revealed there were a couple of misprints in the parish newsletter that she would like to correct.

We have to say we love Dawn she’s absolutely hilarious.

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