Holly Willoughby Jokes John Torode ‘Saved Her Marriage’ After She Talks About Husband Dan Baldwin’s ‘Annoying’ Typing

It seems like Holly Willoughby’s husband might be getting on her nerves as lockdown continues.

During a cooking segment on This morning on Thursday Holly introduced cook John Torode when she joked that he had saved her marriage’ after he offered a solution to her husband Dan Baldwin’s ‘annoying’ typing.

Holly was saying that Dan’s loud typing on the keyboard was winding her up so much that she has resulted in shouting at him.

Holly who married Dan in 2007 said:

‘I’ll tell you what, Dan is obviously working from home and I have discovered something which I didn’t know before, which is really annoying.

‘He taps and types really loudly, there is no reason to hit those keys as loudly as he does. He’s like,’ the star then loudly mimicked his typing skills.

She then said:

‘I’m like SHUT UP! Don’t do that, especially when he brings his laptop into bed and is sitting there writing an email. I’m like, no.’

Chef John then came up with a good idea as he was on the show to show a banana french toast recipe via video link.

John said:

‘Just for Holly, you know you can turn the volume of a laptop keyboard down? So volume of the keyboard can go down so the keys don’t make as much noise.’

To what Holly replied:

‘No? I thought it was the tapping. Sorry, my mind is blown. You’ve just saved our marriage!’

This is not the first time that Holly has admitted Dan is getting annoying as she confessed recently that him eating a bag of crisps really annoyed her too.

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