Frankie Bridge Talks About Being Hospitalised After Battling Depression

Frankie Bridge has always been so open about her depression battle but now she has gone into more details about being hospitalized for it.

The mum of two admitted she hit ‘rock bottom’ when she was admitted during a questions and answers video on Instagram on Friday.

Talking to her 1.1 million followers Frankie said that she’s ‘living life differently to everyone else’.

Former The Saturdays singer was first taken to hospital in 2011 as she said on the video:

‘I was unable to cope with everyday life.

‘I was constantly crying and I felt like I was exhausted and unable to carry on as I was. Something had to change. I’d reached rock bottom.’

Frankie also continued to say that during panic attacks she experiences tightness of breath and bad headaches.

In the open discussion, the star spoke about her experiences of lockdown, saying it feels like her down days when she is at a loose end at home, ‘feeling useless’ and having ‘lots of moments of frustration’.

But she advised:

‘I’m just trying to take each day as it comes, trying not to compare myself to everyone else, and taking advantage of my chance to leave the house for a walk/run to clear my head and be alone.’

It really seems like she has had a very thought time and it’s so nice to see her opening up with her fans and allowing them to ask questions.

Have a look above for all the questions she answered on her Instagram page.

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