Gogglebox’s Jonathan Tapper Talks About Horrific Battle With COVID-19

Gogglebox’s Jonathan Tapper has been talking about his battle with COVID-19 after the news was revealed that he and the virus last weekend.

Jonathan was joined by his family, wife Nikki and children Amy and Josh on Friday’s Lorraine where they discussed the family’s struggle with the virus.

It was in March when Tapper first started showing symptoms of the coronavirus what caused him to have to lay down on the sofa and that’s where he remained for two weeks as he struggled to breath, then being put on a  oxygen monitor at home.

He said while chatting to Lorraine Kelly on Friday:

‘It wasn’t too great. The symptoms of high fever and feeling very weak mainly and coughing.

‘I literally couldn’t move at one point, couldn’t walk up the stairs and if I did manage to get half way up, I was really struggling for breath.’

Sadly Johnathan infected all of the family and they had to look after him while they where so poorly.

His daughter Amy then said:

‘There was one night and I just kept coming down every hour to check on him because I was so worried. Josh was like, “What are you doing?” And I said, “Dad’s still breathing, it’s ok.”

Nikki then said:

‘I didn’t have it quite as bad as Jonathan, I felt very weak. We all lost our taste and our smell apart from Jonathan.

‘The frightening thing was Jonathan seemed stable at the beginning – he didn’t move literally for two weeks off the couch. I had to be ok because I had to make sure he was ok because he was so poorly.

If we were all bedridden, who would we have to look after each other? I was really bad for about a week and then got better.’

It must have been so hard for them all being sick at the same time but it’s so good to know that they are way on the road to recovery.

Stay well Tapper family.

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