Gogglebox Viewers Left Enraged As Sisters Ellie And Izzi Are Together Again Breaking Social Distancing Rules After Ofcom Complaints

On Friday night Gogglebox viewers where left outraged again after sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner where in the same house again.

The sisters who caused outrage last week after being apart for two weeks where back under the same roof with the social distancing rules still in action  but then last night they did it again.

Ellie and Izzi where together but they where sitting two meters apart on different sofas in the living room.

Last weeks show caused large amounts of complaints to regulator Ofcom.

Taking to Twitter one person shared:

‘Another week passes where I haven’t seen my family, yet Ellie still pops round to Izzi’s on #Gogglebox. Amazing! @Channel4’

While another shared:

“All the Goggleboxers are adhering to social distancing” Apart from before last week ellie and izzi didn’t live together (maybe still don’t?)

A third shared:

‘#channel4 start #GOGGLEBOX STATING ‘don’t worry all participants are adhering to #SocialDistancing’ No their not!!!!!!’

While a fourth raged:

‘Ellie and Izzie DON’T LIVE TOGETHER. Baasit, Umar DON’T LIVE TOGETHER. @Ofcom Why are they IGNORING the rules the rest of us have to adhere too? [sic]’

At the start of the episode the voice over announced that all of the Gogglebox cast where following guidelines from the government on social distancing.

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