Joey Essex’s Ex Model Girlfriend Lorena Medina Reveals She DUMPED Him After 24 Hour Partying With Rita Ora

They looked like the perfect couple when they meet on Ex On The Beach and quickly fell in love.

But then we where all shocked to find out that Lorena Medina and Joey Essex split up all of a sudden.

But now the model has revealed that she DUMPED him after 24 hour parties with singer Rita Ora.

Joey who has been spotted leaving Rita’s London home a number of times before the lockdown was dating Lorena for a matter of months and then when Joey left Rita’s Holland Park, West London, at 4am on March 6 that as the end of the road for her.

The model has given no indication the TOWIE star had cheated on her but the late night was just the end for her.

Talking to The Sun On Sunday Lorena said:

‘He was the love of my life. I was ready to have children with Joey. We talked about marriage almost every day.’

Then she started to talk about that partying night as she continued to say:

 ‘I knew Joey had spent the night out because I had talked to him when he was in the cab on the way back to Essex.

‘He told me, “I had a crazy night and I stayed at my friend’s” and that was fine. But he didn’t tell me it was a girl and he didn’t mention Rita Ora. I told Joey, “This s*** can’t happen. Are you crazy?”‘

Lorena said she then told Joey she could no longer trust him and the pair decided to go their separate ways.

It was in spain last year when the pair meet while filming the MTV reality show.

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