Phillip Schofield Admits He ‘Misses Hugs’ After Moving Out Of Family Home To Flat In London During Coronavirus Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has ben going on Phillip Schofield has moved out of the family home to a flat in London so he can be near the This Morning studios where he continues to work daily.

Now on Monday’s episode Phillip admitted that he is ‘missing hugs’ while the pandemic continues.

It was during a conversation with Miriam Margolyes about how she’s coping in lockdown when Phillip admitted what he was missing.

Actress Miriam said that she ‘needs people’ in her life and it’s ‘vital’ for her due to her extrovert personality.

To what Phillip replied:

‘I miss hugs.’

Miriam then replied back and said:

‘Oh I miss hugs so much. It’s difficult, I can’t hug myself as I am too fat to wrap my arms around myself. It’s what we miss.’

Bless him.

We hope that he’s feeling fine and is hugging his lovely family.

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