Ed Sheeran Refuses To Furlough Bar Staff And Will Pay With Own Money After Victoria Beckham Backlash

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic Ed Sheeran has refuse to furlough his staff after Victoria Beckham did.

Ed who’s worth a whopping £170 million has decided that instead of using the governments retention scheme and furlough his staff he is going to pay their weights out of his own money.

Ed who owns a Notting Hill pub Bertie Blossoms has ten staff in total and is going to pay their wages in full as this comes after Victoria Beckham was blasted for demanding state cash to pay her 30-strong fashion label team.

It was back in March when the pub was forced to close after the government put the country on lockdown.

A spokesman for Ed has confirmed that he will not ask the Treasury to pay up to 80 per cent of their salaries, up to a threshold of £2,500 per month.

Victoria and her husband David Beckham are worth a whopping £355million, and have caused outrage by asking the government to pay the staffs wages.

Ed’s spokesperson has told The Sun:

‘The business, co-owned by Ed Sheeran and Stuart Camp, is not, and will not, be accessing any Government scheme of any kind, including furloughing, grants, loans and so on.’

This is such a great thing for Ed to do.

[Image Via: ITV]

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