Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Are Having A Baby Girl!

Aw it’s looking like a little girl for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

News broke last night from TMZ that apparently Gigi and Zayne where expecting their first baby together and she is around five months pregnant already.

Well now sources have said that they are expecting a girl.

Last week it was Gigi’s 25th birthday celebration what featured pink balloons, pink ‘Hello Little One’ gift bags and pink cakes.

In an effort to hide the pregnancy news from the world they covered up the writing on the front with a sunflower graphic.

But maybe to throw us of the scented track there was also one blue bag too.

Fans started to noticed there were pink and blue strings attached to Gigi’s silver birthday balloons just hours after it was reported that Hadid was five months pregnant with her first child with the 27-year-old One Direction star.

One of Gigi’s fan posted photos from he celebration on Twitter and said:

‘Bro WE’RE SO DUMB. The blue and pink strings- . It was a gender reveal party as well?? Also I think that it’s a boy since Gigi is holding the balloon with blue strings.’

Have a look at the photos above.

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