Olly Murs Admits He Thought He Had Sepsis After Knee Operation Became Infected Needing Hospital Attention

Olly Murs has confessed that he and doctors thought that he had sepsis following on from a knee operation.

Olly had a metal plate placed in his knee and that operation made his leg infected causing him to be rushed to hospital causing doctors and him to think he had sepsis.

Talking on Instagram Live, Olly said:

‘When I had the operation my left leg had to be straightened and they put a plate in.

‘After three months the plate got infected so then I had to get rushed back into hospital, they thought it was sepsis.

‘They had to open me up again in case the infection spread. So it got nasty.’

It was back in June last year when Olly took to his Instagram account to share a photo from his hospital bed after getting knee surgery.

Then just three months later Olly was back filming The Voice and then later confessed that he didn’t know how he did it that son on after the operation.

He continued to say:

‘I was back at The Voice three or four months after it. I don’t know how I got to The Voice. I powered through.’

‘It was so important for me to get my leg done because there wouldn’t be shows.

‘Obviously with this knee I’m not being able to perform on stage to my best ability for my fans. I needed to give it a year. I need to do rehab.’

This must have been so scary for Olly and them around him but it’s so good that he is now getting back on the road to recovery.

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