Amanda Holden Sings For Captain Tom Moore On His 100th Birthday Live On Heart Radio

Captain Tom Moore got a very special moment fr his 100th birthday as Amanda Holden decided to sing for him live on Heart Radio.

Captain Tom has admitted to having a soft spot for Holden, with Amanda seeing her moment she decided to treat him to a little song live on air with Jamie Theakston.

Emulating screen legend Marilyn Monroe’s iconic birthday tribute to former US President John F. Kennedy, the 49-year old delighted Captain Tom after calling him at his Bedfordshire home.

Holden said:

‘I said to Jamie, we should have planned this better, I would’ve jumped out of a cake in a swimming costume for you!’

This is the second time that Amanda and Jamie have spoken to Captain Tom and he seems to be loving being on the radio with them.

Jamie asked Tom:

‘Tom, I know you’ve got a little soft spot for our Amanda, I think last time, you described her as a “charming creature,”

To what Tom replied back:

‘Yes, I certainly have,’ ‘Yes, she’s gorgeous.’

Holden seemed to have loved what Tom was saying.

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