Winter Love Island Stars ‘Lost £500K’ After Missing Out On Lucrative Projects Because Of Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time at the moment the starts of Winter Love Island would be doing every TV show under the sun with the fame they got off the back of the series.

But with the coronavirus pandemic they are not allowed to work so it seems like they are missing out on massive amount of money.

A PR expert had predicted that starts such as winners Finn Tapp and Paige Turley along with Sophie Piper and Luke Trotman were looking to follow to in the success of former stars, with lucrative club promotions and signings.

But with the pandemic they simply cant do these appearances and it’s looking like it’s costing them thousands.

 Jack Cooper of EdHopkinsPR has said to Metro that stars have missed key moneymaking moments which have previously bagged stars up to millions of pounds.

He said:

‘They are also missing out on club appearances due to them being closed, which could have earned them up to £5,000 per hour’.

 ‘With no events to attend, they are also missing out on a huge range of exposure in the media, having no stories for the press to write about…

He then continued to say about how much money he thinks they will miss out on:

‘The Winter Love Island stars are set to lose huge amounts of money, some contestants up to £500,000. Brand deals at the moment are at an all-time low.

‘Many of the participants have approached us to represent them during this tough time. Due to our books being full and also the lack of opportunities in the industry at this time, we have had to decline them.’

It seems like they are the unlucky ones in all the previous series of the show.

We are sure that when we are allowed to go out again they will start doing them appearances.

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