James Corden To Pay 60 Late Late Show Production Staff’s Salaries After They Faced Being Furloughed

Apparently James Corden has said he will pay 60 members of staff who work on Late Late Show’s wages as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

The host is said to be paying their salaries out of his own money to stop them from being furloughed and only receiving some of their wages.

The Production for The Late Late Show was stopped in March as the state of California was placed in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and James has since been presenting the show from his home in Los Angeles.

Variety have reported that CBS originally vowed to cover the salaries of Late Late Show’s staff for eight weeks, but have now informed them this agreement has come to an end.

James then had to tell staff that they would be furloughed going forward, but that he would be covering their wages himself.

Variety said that the total he would have to pay out could be ‘at least mid-five figures a week.’

What a lovley thing to do James.

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