Holly Willoughby QUITS Celebrity Juice After 12 Years


Holly Has Confirms Her Departure From Celebrity Juice After 12 Years

Sad news!

Holly Willoughby has quit Celebrity Juice after 12 years on the panel.

Holly’s who been on the show since day one has decided to leave and will when the current comes to an end series according to the Daily Mail.

Insiders have said that this is a massive blow for show bosses who have tried on Holly to body ratings with her being a household name.
Holly joined the show the year before joining This Morning and it made her have a big jump into the TV world.

Her announcing she is leaving the show comes after husband Dan Baldwin stopped working on Celebrity Juice as the creator producing the show.
This comes after show host Keith Lemon, the comic alter-ego of Leigh Francis, said it would be over if she quit.

Such sad news we’ve loved her and it’s true Holly is Celebrity Juice.

Big shoes to fill

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