Love Island Faces New Challenge As They Are Unable To Get Insurance For A Summer Series Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The possibility of a summer series of Love Island is getting smaller and smaller.

It’s now been said by the Daily Star that ITV bosses are struggling to get insurance for Love Island to air this summer with the coronavirus pandemic.

The reality dating show what is filmed in Majorca, Spain and it seems like any insurance company wont cover them while filming.

A ITV source has said to the Daily Star:

 “Producers are looking at ways of making it work. The current plan is to fly crew and contestants out to Majorca two weeks before filming starts and then isolate everyone. But even with these measures, insurance companies won’t offer cover.

ITV can’t do the series without insurance. If the series is airing and even just one person tests positive for the virus, the whole thing would have to be shut down immediately.

“That’s too much of a risk without insurance.”

Love Island is the biggest show on ITV and makes the most money with advertising and merchandise so it seems like they might miss out bit time if the series doesn’t go ahead this year.

Thankfully we have had Winter Love Island at the start of this year.

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