Loose Women Returns After SIX WEEKS As They Use Saturday Night Takeaway’s Huge Studio to Maintain Social Distancing

Today Loose Women returned to ITV after being off telly for six weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Like most things during this pandemic things had to be changed and they had to film the live show in the massive Saturday Night Takeaway studio so all team members could maintain social distancing rules.

Andrea McLean, Brenda Edwards, Nadia Sawalha where in the London studio today while fourth panelist  Coleen Nolan was live from her on the screen.

All three of the loose ladies who where in the studio made sure that they where keeping the 2 meters distance at all times while filming.

At the start of the programme Andrea gushed:

‘Can you believe it’s been six weeks since we’ve all been together and seen each other?’

Nadia then added:

‘We’ve been chatting on our WhatsApp group about how frustrating it has been that we couldn’t see each other and chat to each other about things going on.’

Andrea then talked about the studio and how they where using Ant and Dec’s normal studio to make sure there was room for them to keep their distance.

She said:

‘It feels like we are a little beacon of light in this huge empty studio,’

Since the UK went into lockdown ITV have been airing old episodes of the daily chat show to fill the slot.

We have to say it was nice have the ladies back and it’s something else we can watch and enjoy while the lockdown continues.

See you tomorrow girls.

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