Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Tricked Into Giving First Interview By YouTube Pranksters Posing As Tonight Show Producers

She must be fuming.

Carole Baskin has been pranked into think she was doing her first interview since Tiger King was released.

The owner of Big Cat Rescue was tricked into thinking that she was appearing on the Tonight Show by two YouTube pranksters.

Carole thought she was chatting to Jimmy Fallon during the interview when actually she was speaking to Youtubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners.

Starting off the video Pieters said:

‘In a worldwide exclusive,we bring you Carole Baskin’s first worldwide interview

Pieters and Manners laid the groundwork for the rib by telling Baskin they represented a production company called Invisible Object that is facilitating guest appearances on talk shows (as guests appear during video conference amid the near-national lockdown due to the coronavirus).

Carole has been the talk fo the town for the last month and we haven’t heard much from her at all and it seems these boys went to great lengths to prank Carole.

If you haven’t seen their video yet make sure to check it out below.



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