Christine McGuinness Admits Lockdown Has Saved Marriage To Paddy As They Share Parenting Duties Equally

It was in June 2011 when Christine McGuinness married Paddy McGuinness and like most marriages they have had their problems along the way.

Well now Christine has been talking about how the UK lockdown has saved her marriage and how they have both been sharing parenting duties equally.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star has been spending loads of time with her hubby including making some funny TikTok’s and sharing them online with their followers.

It was In February 2018, when Christine and Paddy’s relationship was briefly rocked when he enjoyed a secret night out with All Saints’ Nicole Appleton.

Now Speaking to Woman’s Own magazine, she said:

‘I thought we’d be killing each other – that we’d be arguing and bickering – but we’re not. We’re both putting in 50/50, so there’s absolutely nothing for us to argue about. We’re just trying to have a good time and we’re laughing a lot!

She then continued to say that they they are both sing from the same hymn sheet as she continued to say:

‘What we’ve realised is the stuff that we used to bicker about before was always work and who was having the kids, whereas now that’s not happening, we’re absolutely fine.

‘We’re both in the same boat for the first time in our lives, we’re both completely equal, we’re both stay-at-home parents right now. And that’s it. No one’s going anywhere.’

Christine also revealed that she has tried to protect Leo, Penelope and Felicity from worrying about the crisis by telling them they can’t go to school at the moment because ‘everything is being cleaned’.

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