Joe Exotic’s Legal Team To Ask Donald Trump To Pardon Convicted Zookeeper As He Was ‘Wrongly Convicted’

It he going to be released?

Joe Exotic’s lawyers are getting ready to send his case to President Trump in an attempt to get the convicted zookeeper pardoned.

The Tiger King star has been in prison for the last two years doing a 22 year sentenced for murder to hire and animal cruelty but it seems his legal team are going to do everything they can to get him released.

TMZ have reported that a case file claiming Exotic was wrongly convicted.

Since Tiger King went live on Netfix’s Joe has received plenty of support from the viewers and now  an image obtained by TMZ showed some of his team posed by an open top coach wrapped in graphics which read ‘President Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic’ and ‘Team Tiger’.

It was only last month when during the Coronavirus president conference a journalist asked President Trump if he would look into Joe’s case and he agreed he would.

We will keep you posted on this sotry when we know more.

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