Nadia Sawalha Shows Off Her Grey Hair On Loose Women After Hairdressers Close Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Like most of us at the moment during the coronavirus pandemic we are unable to have our hair done as all hairdressers where ordered to close their doors in March of this year.

Well now Nadia Sawalha has showed off her roots on Loose Women.

The actress shows off her gray hair as she moved back her curls after not being able to have her hair done for weeks and weeks.

Nadia flashed her roots to the camera on Tuesday episode of Loose Women as she admitted she finding her grey hairs ‘depressing’ while unable to head to the salon.

Talking on the show she said:

 ‘I don’t like my grey hairs, they depress me. Mark says we have better things to worry about during this pandemic…

She continued to say:

‘But it’s not about vanity, it just makes you feel better, but it doesn’t make me feel better to actually do anything about it. I got Mark [her husband] to spray my hair as whenever my kids see me, they say: ”Mum, you’re so old!”


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