Loose Women Are Accused Of Breaking Socia Distance Rules As Jane Moore Admits The Girls Share Dressing Rooms

The Loose Women panelists have been accused of breaking social distancing rules after Jane Moore admitted that the girls are sharing a dressing room.

The show what returned back to TV after six weeks being off air due to the coronavirus pandemic has returned without a live studio audience.

It was on Wednesday afternoon when Jane stunned the viewers at home when she confessed that the stars in the studio are sharing a dressing room, which caused a flurry of tweets from viewers claiming they were not adhering to government guidelines.

It was when the ladies where4 talking about the current lockdown when Jane said:

 ‘We’re sharing a dressing room today aren’t we… at a distance obviously.’

Viewers took to Twitter to air their disapproval of them sharing a dressing room as two people shared:

This came after ITV has announced they had furloughed around 800 staff due to the coronavirus crisis, with the channel receiving its highest audience share in the first quarter in 11 years.

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