Perez Hilton Wants Celebrity Big Brother To Comeback!

It’s been nearly two years since Celebrity Big Brother came to an end and it’s greatly missed by thousands of people.

One of them people is Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who has said he would like the show to come back.

Pere appeared on the 2015 series of the Channel 5 reality show and now he has admitted that he would be ‘so depressed’ if the reality show didn’t return this summer.

Perez Hilton who’s real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira admitted that he would leap at the chance to appear on the American show.

Also Perez even offered up his solutions as to how TV bosses could ensure the safety of the cast during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Taking to his Instagram account Perez shared:

 If CBS was smart they would do another season of Celebrity Big Brother ASAP! I would love to do it!”

“Test all the celebs before going in! And make producers and staff quarantine too for the 3 to 4 weeks.

“That way there’s no chance of anyone getting sick. People would so watch this!”

He then continued to say:

Big Brother is my favorite TV show and I’m going to be so depressed this summer if it doesn’t happen.”

We have to say we would love CBB to return and would love to have Perez in the series as well.

He was TV gold.

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