Phillip Schofield Left Stunned Over Make-Up Artist Transforms Herself Into Him On This Morning

Phillip Schofield was left stunned on This Morning Wednesday afternoon after a makeup artist transformed herself into him.

Scottish make-up artist Alana Pignatiel amazed the TV presenter when she turned her hair around and looked just like him and even had his famous gray hair.

Alana used make-up to draw on wrinkles to match his likeness before being introduced to the man live on the show.

His co-presenter Holly Willoughby seemed amazed as she shouted:

‘Oh my God. I feel like you’ve traded places.’

Phil then said with glee that what she’d done was ‘amazing’, before asking her how she managed to complete the task.

Alana then revealed that she used ‘just highlighting and shading’ to transform into him, which Holly said was ‘very clever.’

Before Alanda has created Holly with make up what you can see below.

We have to say she is very talented.

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