Rita Ora Shows Off Her Abs In A Crop Top While Making Tequila Cocktails

Rita Ora has been spending her time in lockdown  wisely by making cocktails.

The singer posed in a sporty crop top while making the tequila cocktails and filmed herself and uploaded the video to her Instagram account.

In the video Rita shared:

 ‘I’m going to do something that I am pretty good at doing… drinking. Basically I am going to show you how to make my very own Margarita by Rita.

‘Using my tequila, to celebrate Cinco De Mayo which was on May 5. It basically means everyone drinks alcohol.

‘Seeing as we are all safely in our own homes and quarantining, I hope we are not all getting crazy… that’s meant to be a joke.’

Rita started to get all of her ingredients together when she started to shake the ingredients together making the cocktail.

She looks great and what better way to spend lockdown enjoying a nice drink.

Have a look at the video she shared below.


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