Lily Allen Responds To Follower Who Asks About Engagement

It was the other week when we where all left shocked to see that Lily Allen was wearing an engagement ring on her finger but didn’t announce she was engaged.

Well now Lily has responded to a follower who asked her if she’s engaged or not to boyfriend David Harbour.

The singer seemed to have the ring on her right hand instead of the left but it seems it was actually a reverse of her left hand due to the mirror.

The fan wrote on the photo:

 ‘Um…. engagement ring??????????????’

To which Lily replied with: ‘First rule of engagement club……..,’ which is a play on the line from the film Fight Club, where Brad Pitt’s character says: ‘The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.’

Other followers started to comment on the photo and say that the ring was on the wrong hand but one then shared:

‘No it’s a mirror pic so its reflected! The ring is on her left hand,’

So basically we got little bit of clarification that she might be engaged but nothing was confirmed 100%

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