Mark Wright Praises His Wife Michelle Keegan As He Admits He’s Her ‘Biggest Fan!’

Aw lovely!

Mark Wright has been speaking about his wife Michelle Keegan and had nothing but nice to say about her.

With the UK in lockdown it has caused massive strains on married couples relationships but not for Michelle and Mark.

Mark has admitted that he is Michelle’s ‘biggest fan’ and says he ‘loves’ everything about her.

The radio presenter joked that it was ‘strange’ to be interviewing his wife.

The couple then discussed Michelle’s Brassic character Erin, who Mark admitted he ‘loved’ as well as all of the other roles she has played in the past thorough her career.

Mark then said:

‘I love Erin, see when you’re married to an actor, you have to see all these different characters they play so I’ve had Tina McIntyre from Corrie, I’ve had Tina from Tina and Bobby, I’ve had Georgie Lane from Our Girl, now I’ve got Erin.

Then he joked and replied:

‘I have to remember all their different traits, otherwise I get in trouble for not taking enough notice.’

Mark then continued to say:

 ‘No, I don’t really, I love everything my wife does of course…

‘I’m her biggest fan and this is a little bit strange interviewing my wife for the radio, but why not, we’re in the same house, I’m working from home and she’s here!’

That is so so sweet and they really do make the most perfect couple.

Lovely words Mark.

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