Vicky Pattison Admits Boyfriend Ercan Ramadan ‘ALWAYS Wants To Have Sex’ As She Talks About Life In Lockdown

Well we now know what they have been doing while in lockdown.

Vicky Pattison has been speaking about her relationship with boyfriend of just over a year Ercan Ramadan and admitted that he’s always wanting rumpy pumpy.

The former Geordie Shore star confessed that her relationship is stronger than ever and joked that she worries when she leaves the house when lockdown is over she won’t be able to ‘get her a** out the door’.

Vicky said during a recent interview with The Sun:

‘I’m with a man who’s so lovely to me that I worry about getting out the door when I leave isolation – not because of the size of my a**e but the size of my head because he makes me feel so good about myself.

She then continued to say that he always want’s to give her kisses and other activities:

‘He wants kisses when I’ve got no make-up on, he’s always touching my bum. He always wants to have sex. I think he’s fallen in love with who I am as a person and so when he looks at me he doesn’t see this little boy face and Mrs Trunchbull bun and squidgy mid-section. He sees a person he loves, and I’ve never had that before.’

Well it seems like they are having a lovely time in lockdown but we wouldn’t want to be their neighbors.

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