Vicky Pattison Admits She Has A Crush On Piers Morgan

Is her boyfriend aware of this?

Vicky Pattison has been speaking during a new interview while in lockdown and admitted that she has an unusual crush.

The former Geordie Shore star admitted that she fancies Piers Morgan.

Talking to The Sun while in lockdown Vicky said:

 “It’s (lockdown) making me fancy Piers Morgan. Just a bit, mind.

“But I f*****g love him and I want him to be our next Prime Minster. I’m obsessed! I can’t get enough of him calling everyone out…”

As you can imagine Piers has absolutely loved the news as he took to his Twitter account and shared:


We bet Piers loved that so much.

Also in the same interview Vicky admitted that he boyfriend want’s to have sex with her all the time and you can read that story here.

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