Gemma Collins Demands An OBE For Keeping The Nation Entertained During Lockdown

She’s continued filming her reality show from her brother home while she has been in lockdown via remote cameras.

But it seems Gemma Collins has demanded a OBE for entertaining the nation while we have been in lockdown.

Gemma’s reality show Diva In Lockdown has continued to air for the last three weeks as the production team setting up CCTV cameras all around the house and garden to capture every moment of the GC.

In Sunday nights episode of the finale of ITV’s Diva On Lockdown, Gemma, 39, spoke to one of her assistants and said:

‘I think at some point I need an OBE from the Queen as I’ve entertained the nation during Corona.

‘If you could sort something out, write into HRH and stick me up for that at some point I’d be very appreciative. Make it happen hun.’

Gemma also gave £1,000 to Captain Tom Moore’s money raiser to the NHS as she said that she thinks he deserves to be knighted for completing 100 laps of his garden to raise money.

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