Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Admits They Are ‘Cross’ With Boris Johnson After His Lockdown Exit Speech Left Brits Confused

On Sunday night Prime Minister Boris Johnson reveled his ‘exit plan’ for the COVID-19 lockdown and it left Britons divided on what the public’s next steps are.

Two people who herself utterly baffled where Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby who hit out at the Prime Minster on Monday edition of This Morning.

Both presenters admitted that they have been left ‘cross’ with Boris and confused like most of us are with Holly admitting she feels like we’ve been ‘knocked back’.

The pair who have been following the social distancing rules by sitting two metres apart, sat in the London studios as they opened the show by talking about the going ons.

Phillip started off by saying:

 ‘We now lack clarity, now I don’t understand and lack clarity.

‘No government would mess it up that much. What are we allowed to do? You couldn’t make this up, or write this. Today you’ve made us cross, Boris Johnson.’

Holly then continued to say:

‘What I do know is that the roads are definitely busier!’

Then during a news segment with Matthew Wright and Janet Street-Porter, Holly confessed that her son Chester would not know how to social distance as he is only five years old.

Holly then said:

‘There’s no way my little Chester be able to socially-distance himself from his best friend Arthur’

We have to say we are with Holly and Phillip.

So very confusing.

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