Billie Faiers Talks About ‘Testing’ Time In Lockdown With Husband Greg Shepherd And Their Two Children

Most of their lives is filmed for their reality show on ITVBe show The Mummy Diaries, where their children Nelly and Arthur steal the show.

But now Billie Faiers has talked about the ‘testing’ times she has been thought while she has been in lockdown.

Billie has been speaking about how all the family have found lockdown with her her husband Greg Shepherd described the experience as ‘testing’.

Talking to OK she said:

‘Naturally, we’ve had our moments. There’s definitely highs and lows being all together with no space but we’re actually handling it really well.’

Billie then went on to say that her daughter knows all about what’s going on as before we went into lockdown Nelly’s teachers told her all about the virus but her son Arthur aged three clearly doesn’t know what’s going on.

Then Billie’s husband Greg also shared:

‘It is lovely. I am grateful for more time with them, but it has been testing. It’s well out of routine for us. We’re just constantly trying to find things for them to do.’

It has been so hard for a lot of families at the moment but we are glad that they are enjoying the time they have together.

We are also missing The Mummy’s Diaries so much but sadly we don’t think we will have another series this year due to social distancing.

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