Eastender’s Viewers Left In Hysteric As Minute Mart Are Seeling Chocolate Mins From TESCO

Eastenders fans have been left in hysterics as they noticed something in the Minute Mart.

During Tuesday nights episode Jean Slater grabbed onto the grabbed onto a shelf after being drugged by Kush and Shirley.

But fans noticed that where she held onto the shelf there where boxes of chocolate mints whats where from TESCO.

The chocolate mints had caused massive reaction on social media as fans just couldn’t believe that they where from Tesco.

EastEnders fan page Walford Web identified the product as Tesco’s Dark Chocolate Mint Thins.

They wrote:

‘Omg #EastEnders #EveryLittleHelps.’

While another shared:

@bbceastenders has @Tesco bought the minute mart now? Hope Jeans got her club card?’

So funny.

Did you notice the mint chocolates?

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