Holly Hagan Shows Off Her Weight Loss In New Insatgram Snap

She’s lost a massive 16lb in just 12 weeks.

But now Holly Hagan has showed off the results on social media as she posed for a new selfie.

Wearing a lilac two-piece set she shared a sizzling selfie on Wednesday to her Instagram account as she showed off her abs in the snap.

The blonde looked stunning in the photo as her long blonde hair caressed her back.

After sharing the photo to her Facebook page sadly Holly received a nasty message as someone said that she “looked better as chunky”.

Holly was left mad by the comments as she shared a screen shot to her Instagram page and wrote:

‘You can’t win. All we can do in this life is live for us and not do things for others because someone is always going to have something negative to say regardless.’

It’s awful to know that some people can be so horrible.

She looks absolutely sensational and have to say she looks so healthy.

Well done you Holly.

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