Lorraine Kelly Reveals aughter Rosie Has Returned To The UK From Singapore And Now In Self-Isolation Due To COVID-19 Crisis

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic Lorraine Kelly told her viewers that her daughter Rosie Smith was stuck in Singapore.

Well now Lorraine has confirmed that her daughter is now back in the UK, done her two weeks isolation and is now back living with Lorraine, her husband and their dog Angus.

Lorraine seemed over the moon to have her daughter back living with them as she told her viewers on her daily ITV show Lorraine.

They showed a VT of Lorraine and Rosie out on a walk as Rosie admitted that there was only 15 or 16 people on the flight.

She said:

‘It was either 15 or 16 on the flight,’ as her mum added: ‘But when you got here there were no checks or anything?’

‘There was nothing, it was the exact same as normal only less flights.’

Then talking about having to  self-isolate from her family for 14 days after flying home she continued to say:

 ‘At least two weeks, I didn’t feel comfortable getting off a flight and coming straight home… I just got a leaflet, an NHS leaflet, it said if you think you have any symptoms then stay home.’

Lorraine then admitted that her daughter has been doing home workout and yoga for the both of them to keep themselves entertained during lockdown.

So nice to see her back.

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