Piers Morgan Jokes He’s Going To Employing Two Of His Sons As ‘A Cleaner And An Estate Agent’ To Meet Them For First Time In 10 Weeks

He’s been very vocal about being away from members of his family for around 10 weeks now.

But it seems Piers Morgan has came up with a plan to meet two of his sons.

On Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Piers joked that he is going to employ his two sons, one as a ‘cleaner’ and one as an ‘estate agent’ to allow him to spend time with them biding to the lockdown rules.

It’s been reveled by the government that you are allowed to go and view houses if your planning on buying them allowing people to look around the house keeping two meters apart.

Also cleaners have been allowed to go back to work so if Piers did employ his sons as a cleaner or estate agent they would be allowed to go into his home.

Piers like many of us haven’t seen family members for weeks and weeks now so he is desperate to meet up with his children and parents.

Talking on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Piers said:

‘I’m going to see both my sons’, to which she replied: ‘What? You’re not allowed to see them at the same time Piers Morgan.’

He then continued to say:

 ‘Separate times, separate days. One son I’ve employed as my cleaner and the other son I’m employing as my part time estate agent.

‘So that way I can see them both in houses. It’s just common sense’,

Piers has been in lockdown with his wife Celia Walden and their daughter Elise, eight.

It seems he has planned out all what he want’s to do but will he go ahead with it or he could just meet one of them in the park different times of the day keeping their two meters.

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