Adele Impersonators Leave This Morning Viewers Saying They ‘Don’t Look Nothing Like Her’

It was only last week when Adele showed off her massive seven stone wight loss.

Well now impersonators of the singer has been left in a awkward predicament as they have said they might need to lose wight to look more like her new look now.

Appearing on This Morning on Wednesday three of the UK’s ‘best’ impersonators appeared on the show tot alk about if they are going to lose weight or not to look more like her.

On the ITV show on Thursday they had Jackie, Natalie and Maria who all perform as Adele as their jobs but they didn’t impress the viewers of the show as they claimed that they ‘looked nothing like them’.

Jackie admitted that she’s now hoping to shed some pounds so she can still mimic the singer, while Natalie admitted her weight loss regime had been ground to a halt by the coronavirus lockdown.

Maria also said that she was going to archive Adele’s new look with the help of a gastric bypass, but it was canceled last month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Viewers took to their Twitter account and shared their thoughts on the impersonators as they shared:

We have to say we think the first impersonator looks and sound so much like her but we are not too sure about the other two ladies.

What did you think of the impersonators do you think they look like Adele or not?

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