Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Left Shocked As They Find Out That Wallabies Have THREE Vaginas

You learn something new every single day.

Well today on This Morning Jimmy Doherty was appearing on his show live from his farm in Suffolk when he told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield the interesting face that wallabies have three vaginas.

Holly and Phillip just couldn’t believe their ears when they learn the face as they broke down in fits of giggles.

Jimmy was on the show to promote his new Channel 4 series Spring at Jimmy’s Farm and was sitting in a sheep field when he was live on the show.

Holly quizzed Jimmy about all the baby wallabies what have been being born on his farm when he said:

 ‘Because wallabies have three vaginas, they have an almost conveyor belt of babies. One that’s in the pouch, one out of the pouch and one being born, often.’

Just as he was talking Holly covered her mouth in shock and Phillip looked super shocked and said:

‘Sorry, just to go back on that, there are just some things that David Attenborough has never told me. A wallaby has three vaginas?’

Holly questioned:

‘Why do they need three?’

Jimmy then responded:

‘Well that’s just what marsupials are like I’m afraid,’

And who said This Morning wasn’t factual?

Did you know what?

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