Holly Willoughby Admits She Was Anxious About Returning To Work At This Morning Studios In Coronavirus Pandemic

She’s been classed as a key-worker during the coronavirus pandemic to present This Morning daily.

But now Holly Willoughby has admitted that she was anxious about returning to work in the start of the pandemic like so many other people have been.

It was during a segment on This Morning on Thursday when speaking about the Fear Of Going Out – or FOGO with some people in the UK returning to work this week.

Holly said:

‘It’s the fear of the unknown, and not knowing what your workplace will be like. When we were off for a week on half-term, the longer you are away the more anxious you are about coming back in.

‘But once here I was like actually no, everyone is social distancing, things are in place and you do feel safe.

‘Once you’re in motion everything is fine.’

Phillip Schofield then replied back and said:

‘We are lucky as we have quite a bit of space, and there are two staircases outside so we have one that goes down and one up.’

It seems like so many people at the moment ar worrying about retuning to normal life and it’s understandable.

Your not along Holly.

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