Linda Robson Left Shocked As She Accidentally SWEARS On Loose Women

Linda Robson has hid her face in shame as she accidentally swore while on Loose Women on Friday.

Linda was on the show on Friday in the studio as she had the panel in utter hysterics when she said “s***” while on the show.

Lucky for Linda the episode was pre-recorded because of the coronavirus lockdown so they could bleep the word out and continue with the episodes.

Linda was on the panel with Christine Lampard and Stacey Solomon, along with Coleen Nolan who appeared from her home.

The girls where talking about  the issue of blabbermouth friends, with Linda confessing:

‘I saw a friend of mine’s partner one day up Hampstead sitting and having lunch with another lady.’

‘I didn’t tell her because I thought maybe it’s innocent, maybe they’ve just bumped into each other and they’re having a cup of coffee.

She then continued:

‘He saw me looking so I don’t know if he went home and said ”I saw Linda today I was having a cup of coffee with so and so.”

‘I thought she hasn’t said ”oh ****,”’ before covering her mouth and saying: ‘Oh sugar take that out!’

Stacey then  immediately burst out laughing shouting:

‘She’s done it again live on air!’ while the rest of the panel also erupted into fits of giggles.

Linda seemed very shocked as she said the naughty word but thankfuly it was pre-recorded so they could bleep it out.

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