Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey Splis All About His ‘Hook-Up’ With Madison Wyborny

Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey has been talking about his fling with co-star Madison Wyborny after filming ended on the Netflix’s show.

Harry who is now dating fellow co-star Francesca Farago has been speaking about his steamy bond with Madison when he said:

‘Madison and I were really good friends on the show and off the show and she was a really good friend when Francesca and I broke up,’

Harry admitted that him and Madison ‘hooked up’ a number of times but admitted that the relationship didn’t really move past the physical.

He continued to say:

‘One thing led to another and we hooked-up a couple of times but we were never anything more than friends with benefits,’

Since his fling with Madison he has hinted that he would like to ‘marry’ Francesca who he has now been dating for over a year now.

The pair got together on the Netflix’s show but decided to go their septate ways when they left but then a year nearly after filming they got back together and have stayed together.

So sweet we love these two.

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