Katy Perry Reveals Neighbour Adele Just ‘Knocks On Her Door And Comes In’ To Her House

Ohh how we’d love to be neighbors with these two.

Katy Perry has been talking and admitted that Adele who’s her neighbor often just ‘knocks’ on her door and ‘walks in’ to her house.

Katy admitted that she often just walks into her house while she is dressed in a robe but hasnt seen Adele since she has lost a whopping seven stone.

Speaking on Hits Radio Breakfast this week, Katy who’s expecting her first baby with fiancé Orlando Bloom, opened up about her famous neighbors to host Fleur East where she said about they have been close for years.

Katy said:

‘She’s my next-door neighbour so not only is she on the scene, but she’s like, around the corner.

‘We live very close to each other, we’re friendly, we’ve known each other for a long time.’

Then Katy admitted that she hasn’t seen Adele since she lost all the weight as she continued to say:

‘I haven’t seen her in person since she’s been, like, you know, transforming herself because I was busy, she was busy.

‘But I remember sometime last year, she just knocks on my door and comes in. I’m in my robe, it’s fun. She’s great. She’s very real.’

We would so love to be living nextdoor to these two.

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