Keith Lemon Admits Celebrity Juice’s Fate Is Uncertain After Holly Willoughby’s Exit

Holly Willoughby announcing her exit from Celebrity Juice at the start of this month was a big shock for the viewers but a even bigger one for the production team behind the show.

But now host Keith Lemon has admitted that the fate of the show is uncertain.

Keith said:

‘I don’t know what the future of Celebrity Juice is at the moment.’

Keith then went on to say that he believes Holly and former captain Fearne Cotton left Celebrity Juice because they ‘grew up’.

It was during an interview with  HELLO! magazine’s Instagram show HELLO! Let’s Gab, when the presenter said he has been inundated with queries about who will be replacing Holly.

He explained:

‘Everyone keeps asking me who the new captain is but I don’t know what the future of Celebrity Juice is at the moment, it’s a lot of meetings.’

Then Keith was asked if the show would definitely be coming back for another series, the star hesitated before answering as he said:

 ‘It’s a lot of meetings. I’m probably supposed to say it’s meant to come back, lead with positive words but we’ve got to get it right, the next phase has to be right I guess.’

It would be a massive shame if there are no more series of Celebrity Juice but maybe if they get another team captain they will be massive amounts of viewers to the show?

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