Phillip Schofield Puts Down Speculation Of New Relationship Over New Instagram Snap

Phillip Schofield has taken to his Instagram account on Saturday to share a photo of him meeting a mystery man keeping their two meters distance.

After sharing the photo to his instagram page on Saturday fans flocked to comment on the photo speculating that they are dating.

Phillip denied that he is dating the man called Simon and admitted that they are just friends.

Sharing the photo Phillip shared:

‘First socially distanced walk with a mate! Thank you Simon Schofield .. last person I had a drink with before the wheels fell off, first I’ve seen as we try to reattach them!’

One follower commented and said:

‘Mate, is that what they call it nowadays’

To what Phillip replied back and said:

‘That’s what they call family friends who you’ve known for 20 years and who come round to check if you’re OK.’

The This Morning host announced that they had a ‘socially distance walk’ keeping to the governments rules.

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