Piers Morgan Petition To Get Him Sacked From Good Morning Britain Reaches 54,000 Signatures

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic Piers Morgan has been very vocal about how the government have handed the situation.

With hitting out at government ministers and criticizing the handling of PPE shortage, Piers has voiced his opinions on Good Morning Britain and on Twitter.

But now a petition has been created for him to be sacked from the ITV show and it has reached a massive amount of signatures.

Over 54,000 people have signed to have him removed from the daily show since the petition was created last year.

It was in September when the page was made and has been getting lots more signatures since the lockdown came into place.

Since seeing the news Piers has hit out on social media after telling petition supporters that he has just signed a two year contract to still hot the show.

What do you think should Piers go or stay.

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