Saira Khan Admits She Ended Her 50th Birthday With A Zoom Call With Loose Women Pals

This week has been a big week for Saira Khan.

The television personality celebrated her 50th birthday on Friday and it seems like it ended in a great way.

Saira has admitted that she spend the evening chatting to her Loose WOmen friends while o a Zoom call with the ladies.

The Loose Woman chatted the night away with her pals, saying her birthday ‘ended on the biggest high’ thanks to the call.

During the call she spoke with Coleen Nolan, Kaye Adams, Judi Love, Brenda Edwards, Stacey Solomon, Denise Welch, Jane Moore, Nadhia Sawalha, Andrea McLean, several of the teams make-up artists, and warm-up host Lee Peart.

Also having a look into seeing what the ladies where doing was Frank Lampard as he joined Christine too.

since the lockdown started Saira has hared her delight earlier in the day when she revealed her impressive weight loss while modelling jeans she couldn’t fit into in February, when she began the challenge.

We hope she had a lovely birthday.

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