Antony Cotton Reveals He’s Back On Coronation Street Set But Admits He ‘Hasn’t Started Filming Yet’

So since the lockdown began UK soaps have had to limit the amount of episodes they have been showing weekly due to running out.

Then last week we told you that the production of the UK soaps is hoping to restart next month.

Well now it looks like they might have returned already as one star has taken to his Instagram account to share a photo.

Antony Cotton who plays Sean Tully shared a photo of his name on the dressing room door but has insisted that the ITV soap ‘hasn’t started filming yet’ and he only came in to pick up some belongings.

It was in March when they stopped the filming of the show after the country went into lockdown so Antony had to go and pick some things up today.

He shared to his Instagram account:

‘Hold your horses! We haven’t started filming yet. I went in to pick up some stuff from my dressing room. Some old nylons and couple of lippys….’

It was confirmed by ITV that they will be back filming next month but with the governments social distancing rules in place by limiting the amount of people on set and cast members doing their own hair and makeup.

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