Ellie Goulding Hits Back At Follower Who Gave Her Backlash Over Her Fasting For 40 Hours At A Time

On Monday we told you about how Ellie Goulding admitted that she often fasts for 40 hours at a time and had had her approval from her doctors.

Well now since she reveled about her eating habits Ellie has received some back;ash from her Instagram followers who have hit out at her for not eating for so long at a time.

One follower tweeted back at Ellie and said:

“Call it ‘fasting’ or ‘reducing inflammation’ but this is an eating disorder. F**k @snapchat and f–k @elliegoulding for showing this just in general but what about for the kids already thinking they need to starve themselves?”

Ellie seemd upset by what the Twitter user said as she replied back:

“? I eat a seriously huge amount and exercise regularly. I’m super healthy, I drink sometimes, eat whatever I want, and then I fast for one day a week. It is not starving myself. As far as people in the spotlight go I consider myself a good role model x”

Another fan then asked her:

“@elliegoulding do you think this is good advice to be giving out to the younger generation, giving them ideas?! In a world where everyone thrives to be perfect 🤷🏼‍♀️ i myself had anorexia when i was younger and to see this actually makes me feel sick! This is not normal!”

To what Ellie replied back and said:

“I didn’t give it as advice. Was asked about my health and fitness during an interview, and consider fasting for one day (plus the night- when I’m asleep) part of that. I do it safely and am incredibly fit and healthy. I’d say I’m a pretty decent role model x”

Ellie admitted that she got the green light from one of her friends who’s a doctor to fast for such a long time.

Do you think you would be able to go for so long without food?

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