Joe Wicks Admits He Schedules Sex One Night A Week With Wife Rosie

Talk about too much information.

Joe Wicks has revealed that he schedules weekly sex with his wife Rosie.

Joe schedules the steamy sessions for once a week with his wife and has admitted that kissing is the secret to their relationship.

The fitness fanatic was talking during a conversation with  Made by Mammas: The Podcast about their marriage on Tuesday when they started to talk about  intimacy while they raise two young children.

Joe then admitted that they schedule one night a week when they have sex together when the kids go to bed early on that night.

Joe said:

 ‘That time is so disrupted it’s almost like you’ve got to crowbar intimacy into your week. One night a week… if you can go to bed earlier. It allows you to have that time to talk.

‘You’ve got to get warmed up sometimes, you can’t just jump straight into things. Sometimes, I’ll go to bed with Rosie and we’ll have a really nice chat, we might watch a show… and you’re suddenly reconnecting.’

Joe then admitted that when they start kissing they just don’t stop there as he said:

‘I always say, it all comes back to kissing. The minute you stop kissing, you’re in trouble.’

These two really are super cute.

What do you think would you like it if your partner scheduled sex nights?

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  1. Yeah, i do agree for schedule sex, but the consent of both partners is necessary. For some it might be once a week, twice or thrice a week, it depends on sexual needs.

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